DisCraft Ultra-Star Nite Glo
DisCraft Ultra-Star Nite Glo

DisCraft Ultra-Star Nite Glo

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Discraft Ultra-Star: Glow


  • The world Standard for the Sport of ultimate
  • Official and exclusive disc of the USA ultimate championship series since 1991
  • Listed among the 31 things all men should own by esquire magazine
  • 175 grams in weight
  • Foil color on the disc will vary

DisCraft Ultra-Star is now nocturnal! This highly visible glow in the dark disc lets you continue to play even after the sun sets. The Ultra-Star™ Nite Glo has all the same great features and perks as its non-glowing counterpart and is second in popularity only to the tournament standard White Ultra-Star. Discraft Ultra-Star discs are more accurate and maintain better control than any other discs on the market today.

Tip: Buy two glowing Discraft Ultra-Stars. Charge one with a car headlight or flashlight while you play with the other, this will allow you to play all night.